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Five Common Workout Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

Exercise is an excellent way to achieve one’s fitness and health goals. However, beginners usually experience many problems making them wonder whether exercising really works. The efficacy of workout is not contestable, however. Certain mistakes are made by beginners usually, make it difficult for such people to see desirable results. Avoiding such mistakes can help those new to exercises, realize the fruits of their labor.

Workout mistakes beginners should avoid

Five Common Workout Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid (1)


This is perhaps the commonest mistake done by exercise beginners. Most people begin working out with too much confidence. They believe they can achieve their fitness goals as soon as possible by doing too much within a short time. Fitness experts recommend progressive build from one week to the next. They discourage beginners from being overzealous about doing more when it comes to reps, mileage, or weights. The outcome of such zeal can be disastrous.

Wrong costumes

Working out requires special dressing and footwear. Injuries are bound to happen during exercise but using the right clothes and shoes can mitigate them largely. Most people will go for running shoe brands they love leaving out the aspect of comfort and functionality. It is vital that a beginner finds shoes that match his or her foot anatomy. There is also different footwear for different types of workouts. It is important to choose workout costumes that will allow your body to respond to, and allow, the particular exercise you are performing.

Ignoring the body’s warnings

Five Common Workout Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid (2)“No pain, No gain” is a very common statement among fitness enthusiasts. What workout beginners do not understand is that pain is a way the body warns one that something has gone wrong somewhere. The ‘pain’, referred to by fitness experts, is just some level of discomfort or soreness accompanying a new training routine. Such discomfort should resolve soon after working out. Outright pain is a recipe for disaster, and this makes many beginners to stop exercising.

Unplanned workout

Most workout beginners do not care to have a plan or routine. This mistake prevents people from realizing their fitness goals. Just like sports, teams usually abide by a particular plan. A beginner needs to design a workout plan detailing the time duration he or she will need to workout and the types of exercises that will allow them to realize their goals. One may need to consult a fitness expert to help them make a training plan.

Dependency on supplements

Five Common Workout Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid (3)Supplements no doubt help people to maximize their workouts by providing the fuel needed to perform the moves. However, most beginners put their faith in supplements and not their efforts. Supplements work better with physical effort and good nutrition. It is wrong to trust what the promoters say about their supplements.

Before taking one, it may be helpful to check with a fitness expert or a personal trainer.…