The Little Town Fund

he Little Town Fund (of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation) was started in 2008 to assist with economic and educational support to abandoned children. Initially,areas of support include, but are not limited to, Eastern European countries such as Moldova. Other countries will be included as the fund develops and more pictures will be added of our grantees.

Moldova (formerly Moldavia) is a beautiful, small country bordered by Romania and Ukraine, a survivor of the Soviet Union and the poorest country in Europe. Its people have continually experienced economic disaster and, as a result, the children are suffering. There are as many as 12,000 orphaned, abandoned and semi-abandoned children left without educational or economic opportunities as they face adulthood. Many live in poorly equipped orphanages and are now "aging out" of the orphanage system with nowhere to go. They end up on the streets, in the sex trade or facing a short, difficult life.

It is our mission to support well-managed projects to help these children become productive citizens of the world. Such projects including life-skills training, vocational and educational expenses, tools, equipment, health expenses, delivery of food. The Little Town Fund will be working with project managers from organizations such as A Better Life Moldova, Philip Cameron Ministries, Caritas, The Moldova Foundation and Wide Horizons for Children, who have experienced teams working in the area. All donations will be handled through the Greater Cincinnati Foundation and be given only to these non-profit organizations for use by reliable representatives traveling to Moldova to give aid.

"A small amount of aid goes a long way in Moldova and can do immense good." -- aid worker

Contributions to the Little Town Fund can be made through the Greater Cincinnati Foundation

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
200 West Fourth St.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-2602

The childrenís picture book, "Little Town of Spirals" by Cynthia Matyi was the inspiration behind our foundationís title. A portion of the sales from this book go into the foundation.

Download a childrenís coloring page from the book.